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Thank you Members


We have reached 128 Boosters Members. We thank you so much for your direct donation. Your donation impacts students/athletes/coaches. Donated funds go to uniforms, equipment, fees, stadium/field/gym upgrades, facilities, special projects, and coaches' requests. Members can access the Boosters budget on the website:


A new banner will be hanging in the school with a list of all the members as of November 14. 2022.If you didn't make the cut-off date, you will still see your name listed on our website! If not, contact Katie 410-807-1721.


11/22/2022 12:39 pm



Aballo  Lee, J.
Alberts  Lee, N.
Andrews Levine
Ball Macatangay
Baptiste Marr
Bell Martin
Beltran Maslan
Berngartt Mazzei
Bhatt Mazzei-Williams
Bittner McCormack
Blair McCoy
Blose McKenna
Boyer McNeel
Boyle Mendoza
Brown, C. Merwitz
Brown, M. Montgomery
Butler Moy
Cade Natale
Cartagena Nelson
Choi Ortiz
Codrington Oxenberg
Coleman Perry
Cummings Pfenning
Dash Pope
Downs De Colocho Prinn
Ebrahimi Ramani
Evans, K.  Ramsdell
Evans, T. Ravadge
Fields Reynolds
Flaker Richman
Fontana Rose
Fotang Schneider
Freel Schofield
Garrison Senisi
Gasapos Shah
Giuliano Shord
Green Singh
Greenberger Sloan
Gregory Smith
Gullion Smithson
Gupta Soriano
Halbert Soviak
Henry Tan
Hevner Thibeault
Hogue Thomas
Holtje Thompson, M.
Honeyblue Thompson, R.
Hotopp Tillman
Humphreys Timmerman
Inabinet Tross III
Jankoski Tucker
Johnson Turnbough
Joy Van Der Meid
Kelley Vanderwagen
Kim Varda
Knaup Walker
Ko Walsh
Kolb Watkins
Konrad Weaver
Kulzer Weinberg
Lake Willard
Lascola Winand
Lauer Woodson
Law Zahnen


6520 Freetown Road
Columbia, MD 21044


Tax ID: 42-1569401